Eternal Flames

Charm bracelet bangles come from a previous age. They are all cute, girlish and reinforce traditional gender roles. This collection consists of new bangles inspired by technology, engineering, making & the internet. A collection for the modern woman, one whose interest have diverged from a kitchen Barbie world.   

The Eternal Flames collection consists of 3D printed metal bangles that are compatible with existing charm bracelets but can also be worn on chains around the neck or wrist. The bangles are 3D printed steel & bronze made using Prometal ExOne metal 3D printing technology.   


3D Printed Bitcoin bangle stainless steel with gold. For the avaricious or those inclined to partake in cryptology. Nota Bene: Not a real bitcoin. This is a physical object, real bitcoin is not. 

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Inedible Raspberry

Warning: Metal 3D printed raspberry is inedible. For those who don’t immediately think of Key Lime when they hear the word Pie.

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Filament Roll

A roll of 3D printing filament. For those who hear the meandering stepper song of 3D printers.

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3D Printed optics are a cutting edge new technology that has only recently emerged. 3D Printed optics can be used for LED arrays & 3D printed fresnel lenses can concentrate sunlight onto solar panels. The 3D printed objects are fragile and light dances through them in all angles.

Cutaway Fresnel

3D Printed optical Fresnel lense pendant with a cutaway view.

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A 3D printed optical pendant with of a drop upon impact. 

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Charm bracelets and bangles nowadays seem to be taken from some lost 1950's Barbie universe. With the Purple is the New Purple charms you can have a set of thoroughly modern 3D printed charms for the contemporary woman.  The charms come as a set of 5. A Truck, Formula One car, 3D printing Filament Roll, Raspberry & a 3D printer. New heroes for a new age. 

Purple is the New Purple

A set of 5 purple 3D printed charms:  a Truck, Formula One car, Raspberry, roll of 3D printing filament & 3D printer. 3D printed in polyamide and colored.