The modern woman is torn between femininity and equality.

She wants to perform at work while a part of her also wants to be a mother. She wants to be sexy but also wants to be taken seriously. She wants to be admired as a manager but also as a woman but perhaps not by the same people at the same time.

She wants to be natural but suffers from a never ending deluge of photoshopped anorexic models while bimbos rule the airwaves. She wants to be fit and wants to indulge. 

In the western world modern women have gone from a patriarchal dominated world to one where they are free to work, achieve and make their own decisions. But, at the same time they are now trapped by them. Torn between the dichotomy. Always walking the fine line.

A friend of mine once leaned over and in a conspiratorial whisper said, "I've never actually told anyone this, but I'd love to be a full time mother". I've seen colleagues flit from meeting to daycare, rushing to finish work in order to pick up their kids on time. Feeling guilty at the office for not being with their children, while when they're with their children they're thinking about that one powerpoint slide.

I've seen many incredibly hard working women have to abandon their careers because of kids or take up a busywork job at a much too junior level. Modern women are caught between these choices, these worlds.

NonmaniFOLD is the intersection of these two planes. The infinite edge where they come together but can't exist. We design products that encapsulate this duality and seek for them to express a new femininity suited for this world, these choices, these lives.

The term nonmanifold is used widely in 3D Printing. It describes a particular shape that can not be made. Two planes that intersect or share an infinite impossible edge. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

NonmaniFOLD is being created by Joris Peels in collaboration with:

We would like to thank ExOne & Luxexcel for their 3D Printing of the jewels.

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3D printing is a collection of several very different technologies that all attempt to make physical objects by building them up layer by layer. These technologies are ideally suited because they are a quick way to go from an idea to an object. They also rapidly let you produce unique shapes, make geometries that are not possible with other technologies, make more iterations and let more people make what they truly need and want. 

Over ten million people wear 3D printed In The Ear hearing aids for example. 3D printing is also used in aerospace for satellite parts & environmental ducting in aircraft. In medicine over 100,000 surgical guides have been 3D printed as well as tens of millions of dental copings & over a 100,000 titanium hip implants.

There are currently over 500,000 3D printers worldwide and the market has grown each year by 29% on average for the past 3 decades.

3D printing is a rapidly expanding technology whose increased adoption will have many effects and implications in design, product development & manufacturing.